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FourteenerNet Colorado Photo Album

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Buena Vista, Colorado Midland Trail

This collection of pictures was taken on a mountain bike trip along the "Midland Bike Trail" (an old railroad bed) from the Shields Gulch Trail Head to a deep gorge northeast of Buena Vista, a trip of about 8 miles. The gorge at the end was once spanned by a majestic railroad trestle. The trestle is gone now, leaving no practical means of crossing the chasm. So, we backtracked about a mile to the site of the old Buena Vista depot, and cruised down the "Whipple Trail", an old wagon route from the depot to town. The trip is a fantastic one for scenery.

Most of the Midland Bike Trail is an easy, casual trip, ideal for visitors from lower altitudes and beginner mountain bikers. However, there are some tricky areas. Areas once spanned by railroad trestles (now missing) may involve some steep detours with loose sand or gravel. Walk your bike where you feel unsure of yourself. The scenery cannot be beat! When you see Buena Vista in the valley below, your trip is nearing an end. The gorge is a bit much for a detour! The remaining pillars and a few scattered timbers are the only signs of the magnificent train trestle which once spanned this chasm.