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Buena Vista, Colorado

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Welcome to Buena Vista, Colorado

Cradled by the Rocky Mountains’ Collegiate Peaks, Buena Vista, Colorado. is a postcard town. Untainted by mass tourism, it’s retained that Wild West charm in its streets, and its people, both of whom will welcome you into their fold with open arms.

Stand at the base of the Continental Divide and watch the Aspens turn gold in the embrace of snow-covered peaks. Hurl yourself down the most profound white water rapids in the country under the heat of the sun at 8,000 feet, or climb the hills until it feels as if you could reach up and touch that sun (we advise sunscreen for this venture).

Experience Buena Vistaís vast history stretching back into the days of the gold rush. Venture into mines occupied by no more than the wind and the memories of the miners who once dug here, and take a piece of the Wild West back home again. Itís all waiting for you here, if youíre willing to seize the adventure and take the ride with us.

Here you’ll find everything you’ll need to plan a vacation, plan a day-trip, plan a move to the inspiring city of Buena Vista, Colorado. We’ll even help you plan your itinerary and save your preferred places to sleep, eat, and stay.