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Copper Mountain

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Welcome to Copper Mountain.


I-70 has been stretching beneath your car for you don’t even know how long anymore. You’re tired, it’s starting to snow and the passengers in your car are contemplating mutiny. Just a few more miles, you assure them, and you’ll all be at Copper Mountain for a weekend of blissful fun.

You come around that last corner, and there she stands. Staggering in her height and wrapping her arms around the snow that’s falling, Copper will take your breath away. This, you think, will be just as much fun as mountain biking and whitewater rafting was here in the summer. Good thing you found all your lodging, dining and reservation needs online at, else you’d be standing in line with those other poor sods who didn’t have the foresight to plan ahead.

Here you’ll find everything you need to make your trip to Copper Mountain, summer or winter, peak of autumn or spring mud-slinging season, a trip you’ll never forget.



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