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Story of The Stagecoach Robbery Mystery

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Lots of mining means lots of wealth. This leads to a lot of precious ore being transported via stagecoach. Of course, this leads to stagecoach robberies. In 1879, the stage line from Leadville to Buena Vista began having multiple holdups by the same masked bandit. No one could figure out who it was or how they were learning about the gold shipments, as just when gold would be on a particular stage was a closely guarded secret.


Finally, the stagecoach company, the sheriff and his deputies set a trap by leaking information about a fake shipment. When the bandit appeared, the lawmen jumped out of the stage and shot the outlaw dead. What happened next, though, was the real surprise. They pulled the highwayman's mask off to discover that not only was the "man" in fact a woman, but she was also the wife of one of the deputies. In sorrow and mortification, the deputy requested that her body be buried right there, rather than being brought back into town.

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