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Ghost Town - Vicksburg

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Once a bustling mining town, Vicksburg enjoyed a general store, a post office, a school, two hotels, two billiard halls, several saloons, a livery stable, a blacksmith, and an assay office. Located near Granite in Clear Creek Canyon, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Vicksburg Mining Camp in 1977. The Chaffee County Historical Society maintains a portion of it as a museum, and some additional buildings are privately owned.


Burros led to Vicksburg's founding. When in 1867 camping prospectors had to round up their wayward animals, they found gold in the creek bed where the burros had stopped. Besides gold, Vicksburg Creek also provided a water system, via ditches, to water the Balm of Gilead trees that had been packed in and planted along both sides of the street. Resin gum from the trees was used as a healing compound. The trees still beautify the town to this day. The water in the ditches also kept food cold and was available to put out fires.


To reach Vicksburg, take Hwy. 24 north out of Buena Vista, turn west on CR 390, and enjoy the easy and lovely drive.

Vicksburg Colorado historic Main St

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