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Ghost Towns - Romley

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Some old mining towns don't even have enough left for ghosts to haunt. One such is Romley, on the road to Hancock. During its heyday, between 400 and 1000 people lived and worked there, with multiple buildings providing all that was needed, including an assayer's office, a mine office, a boarding house, a mill, a post office, and even a school. Romley, lying at the Mary Murphy Mine turnoff and a central part of the large mining operation, was called the "red town," as all the buildings were painted red and trimmed with white. Originally it was named Murphy's Switch, as it also had a railroad siding. After the Mary Murphy stopped full-time operation in 1925, Romley died the next year when the railroad pulled out, taking the rails with it.


Take US 24 south from Buena Vista to CR 162. When it forks, take the left one onto CR 162A. Though you won't see any remains of Romley, think of it as you bump along the rough and rocky road. Going slowly, non-four wheel drive passenger vehicles can make the trip.


Historic photo of Romley, Colorado

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