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Colorado Activities & Recreation
An index of things to see and do in Fourteener Country

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Colorado Mountain Activities & Recreation

The summer sun beats down on your hands as you fly fish the Arkansas River. The spray from the white water raft cools your face as the breath is snatched from you when it drops 100 feet into swirling rapids. The winter wind pummels the palm-sized snowflakes against your goggles as you crest the most incredible ridge in thigh-deep powder and you think now I'm really living.

Colorado's Fourteener Country has some of the world's best outdoor activities to indulge in. Summer or winter, fall or spring, there's a lifetime of adventures to be had in the valleys, on the peaks, or in the waters of this incredible piece of the country.

Here you'll find all the resources you'll need to make your time spent in Fourteener Country the most exhilarating experience you can have in the Rockies.