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History of Vicksburg

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Vicksburg is a tiny community of privately owned historical cabins on forest service land.


Vicksburg is one of many communities that sprang up in the 1870s and 80s as prospectors found veins of gold.  By 1882, the town had 40 buildings including a post office.  Three to four dozen miners worked claims in the vicinity.  The residents planted the row of trees lining the road and dug ditches on each side to provide water. 


The limited gold played out quickly so the residents moved on.  The post office closed in 1885.  Most of the structures collapsed and disappeared.


Seven cabins survived a century of abandonment.  The Clear Creek Canyon Historical Society help to preserve the historical integrity of the area.  New owners bought the buildings for summer cabins and hunting camps.  The cabin closest to the road is now a museum open occasionally in the summer.  It is surrounded by old mining equipment. 


Vicksburg is tens miles west of Highway 24 on County Road 390.  Turn at Clear Creek Reservoir, just south of Granite.  The road is graded dirt, bumpy, but fine for regular passenger cars.  There are no services on the Clear Creek road, so pack a lunch and bring plenty of water.

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