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History of Winfield

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The historic mining town of Winfield is in northern Chaffee County, 14 miles west of Highway 24 on County Road 390, just south of Granite.  The Clear Creek Road is suitable for passenger cars.  In Winfield, a left fork leads across the creek to a public privy and campground.  Beyond that, it roughens into a high-clearance jeep trail.  The town cemetery is about ¼ mile past the right fork.

The mines around Winfield produced gold and silver, which was hauled out of the canyon by wagon or mule.  It went to the stamp mill in Granite, or was loaded on the Rio Grand or Colorado Midland Railroad.  Some of the ore was concentrated at a facility in Winfield.

When Winfield was platted in 1880/81, the town founders divided the land into 50 x 100 foot lots and offered them free to anyone willing to build and move in.  In ten years, the town had an estimated population of 1,500.  The silver crash and depression of 1893 slowed mining operations.  Winfield never recovered.  The post office officially closed in 1912.

Now, several buildings remain, including the 1889 school.  All buildings are privately owned, and occupied seasonally.  Please respect “private” and “no trespassing” signs.  The school building has a recorded message telling about the town.

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Historic district Winfield, Colorado

Historic building in ghost town of Winfield, CO

Building in historic Winfield, CO

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