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Winter Visit Ideas

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Winter is the season when Fourteener Country’s location really pays off. Yes, we’ve got snow! The high mountains offer some of the best snow conditions for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, ice fishing … and don’t forget snowman-making for your kids and kids-at-heart!

But wait … this area isn’t called the “Banana Belt” for nothing. The same mountains that make our region a winter sports paradise also protect the upper Arkansas River valley below, making it both warmer and dryer than its surrounding areas. So come to Fourteener County to play in our snow. Then relax in a mild weather retreat with towering, snow-laden “fourteeners” as a backdrop.

In the spring, the warmer weather brings anticipation to summer’s glorious season. However, Colorado tends to receive much snowfall in March and April, making winter activities possible well into April. Enjoy!

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Downhill Skiing

Winter fun awaits you at the relaxed, family friendly & well priced ski areas in Fourteener Country.  Everything is a bit...



Snowmobile riders from across the country travel to Fourteener Country to experience some of the best and most consistent snow in ...

Snowmobiling in the deep Colorado powder

Snowmobiling face-shot



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