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Rock Hounding

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Fourteener Country has a long and proud mining tradition and the Arkansas Valley is one of the most productive geological areas in the world; a total of 127 different minerals have been identified.


Rockhounding enthusiasts flock to Chaffee County in search of aquamarine, jasper, agate, marble, geodes, several varieties of quartz crystals, Apache tears, garnets, and more. Rockhounders can choose to search easily accessible areas like Marshall Pass, the ghost town of Turret, and Ruby Mountain or embark on more committing adventure and explore the 14,269 foot Mount Antero which is home to the highest gem field in North America. In addition to a wealth of minerals Colorado also has many fossil sites.


  • Aquamarine is Colorado’s official state gemstone.
  • Stegosaurus is Colorado’s official state official fossil.
  • Rhodochrosite is Colorado’s official state mineral.
  • Yule marble is Colorado’s official state rock.

Rock hounding near Buena Vista, CO

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