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The tale of Alpine is one of buried treasure worthy of the storybooks. Legend tells of a band of Spanish gold-seekers passing through the rough countryside when Native Americans still had possession of the land. Stumbling across an Indian village while their warriors were away seems fantastic fortune, and the Spaniards looted the settlement for its gold and silver trinkets. When the braves returned shortly after to find they'd been looted, they gave chase to the marauding Spaniards for this horrific offense. To quicken their pace and lighten the load, the Spaniards wrapped their treasures in 2 mule skins and hid them somewhere in the Chalf Cliffs. The braves caught up with the robbers and quickly disposed of them, but never found their trinkets.

To this day, the 2 mule skins of gold and silver have been lost somewhere in the Chalk Cliffs on the side of Mt. Princeton, undiscovered since the Spaniards laid them down.

Or so the story goes. Alpine was once a bustling mining town, until the railroad come to St. Elmo and businesses moved on there. Now Alpine stands as a monument to the early pioneers and a peaceful slice of wilderness to escape to, for those seeking ghost stories and peaceful wilderness.

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