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Climax Mine

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Since 1916 The Climax Molybdenum Mine has been a major factor in the economy of the Leadville area. Molybdenum is an alloy used to make steel stronger.  The demand for the alloy increased during WW1.  Soon after the war Climax Mine became the largest producer of molly.   The need for moly for the increased production of required steel during WW11 lead to Climax becoming one of the most important mines in the US.

When the price of molybdenum declined Climax temporarily closed in 1982.  In 2006 the price of moly was up and work began on upgrading the mine equipment.  Climax reopened in 2012.  Visitors can read of the interesting history of the mine and the story of the metal and view old mine equipment on the roadside display located near the entrance of the mine. Climax is located north of Leadville on Highway 91 at the top of Fremont Pass. 

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