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Columbia City

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Just over six miles west of Granite, the remains of Columbia City are worth getting to for the spectacular views the area affords. When Walter Cameron first hit pay dirt in 1893, the Josephine Lode, as he called it, was only the beginning. Many other finds soon followed, with names like the A-Z Lode, Fool Lode, Tunnel View Lode, Gwendolyn Lode, Accidental Lode, O.A. Brown Lode, and Tryon Lode. The Columbia Lode gave the new town its name.


Getting to the ghost town involves taking CR 398A west off of CR 398 until it becomes too much for your car, then four wheelers are required. After a time, though, the steep, gravel road may exceed your driving ability. At that point, park and hike the rest of the way in. You'll be going above timberline, so be ready for wind and cold. Don't attempt the trek during the winter, as the road is not maintained.


It's important to remember that many mine shafts and tunnels still exist and can collapse at any time, so don't go off the public road. Once at the town, be careful of the decaying buildings. You wouldn't want to become a ghost yourself.


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Historic building in ghost town of Columbia City, CO

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