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Fortune Mine

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Less than seven miles beyond Winfield in the Clear Creek area lies the Fortune Mine. Although access to the mine itself is closed due to extreme danger, as you travel up CR 390, you can see the scars it left. In its heyday, the Fortune was one of the La Plate Mining District's top producers and boasted a 2,600-foot tramway. The wheel from the top of the tramway was moved to the Vicksburg museum in the 1970's.


Getting to the mine area is easy via four wheel drive vehicle. A network of roads leads to the top of Winfield Peak's eastern shoulder above the Fortune, though the climb is steep with possible debris or brush requiring minor detours. It's important to note that in the spring Clear Creek's north fork can run high and you may encounter deep water.


While enjoying your visit, please tread lightly, both for the good of the environment and your own safety. Staying on the proper roads and obeying posted signs can help you avoid falling into old shafts or tunnels or being caught in a collapsing building.

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Mine tailings at the Fortune Mine in Colorado

Entrance to Fortune mine near Winfield, CO

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