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Fourteener Country Ghost Towns

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Central Colorado is not only home to many mountain peaks over 14,000 feet, called "Fourteeners," but also to a good number of abandoned mines and towns. During the latter part of the 1800's, a slew of mines were dug, many of which were moderately successful, and a number of which were exceedingly successful. Fortunes were made and lost; boom towns came and went leaving ghost towns in their wake, like St. Elmo, Vicksburg, Winfield and Hancock.


Sometimes needing four wheel drive and sometimes just a regular passenger vehicle, getting there is half the fun, with beautiful views, possibly challenging terrain, and hikes as well as drives. These ghosts towns are in various states of dilapidation, though a few buildings have been restored by historical societies. Please use caution as you explore, as many of the structures can be dangerous and there are unstable shafts and underground tunnels stretching for miles with the possibility of collapse. Also, most of what you'll be traveling through is private property. Leaving the beaten path and removing anything, even rocks, are definitely not allowed. You are required to obey posted signs and take nothing but pictures.


Ghost town in Central Colorado

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