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Ghost Town - St. Elmo

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Of all the ghost towns in Colorado, St. Elmo is one of the best preserved. This is because it has never been completely abandoned and its die-hard residents have jealously protected it over the years. Along with a tourist store, a currently-used guest house, and two historic buildings being restored, quite a few inhabited homes exist. "No Trespassing" signs are strongly meant, so please be respectful and mind them.


The scenic trip to St. Elmo is easy, even in a standard car. Go west past the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, staying on CR 162 all the way until it dead ends. Chalk Creek will accompany you on your journey.

Once there, enjoy walking around and envisioning what it must have been like when it was bustling with prospectors, shopkeepers, families, and everyone that makes up a normal town.


For a bit more of an adventure, visit the Iron City Cemetery. It lies behind the Iron City Campground two miles east of St. Elmo. The road to it is not far from the end of CR 162. The interesting graveyard grants a glimpse into the life and death of those times.

Main Street in St. Elmo, Colorado

Winter in St. Elmo, Colorado

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