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Healy House and Dexter Cabin

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Healy House and Dexter Cabin is a pair of house museums owned by History Colorado, the Colorado state historical society.  The house sits on top of the hill at 912 Harrison Avenue, Leadville.  Healy House is open daily during the summer season.   History Colorado hosts special events at the site.

Healy House was built in 1878 by mine engineer and Leadville co-founder August Meyer.  He soon moved to Missouri.  The home became a boarding house. By 1900, Dan Healy owned the property and lived there with various miners and railroad men, and his cousin, school teacher Nellie Healy.  The house has original Victorian furniture and fancy artifacts from Leadville’s early history.

The Healy House yard that is open to the public.  It has status, a gazebo, manicured lawns and heritage gardens.

Dexter Cabin sits on the corner of the property.  It was moved to the Healy House around 1950.  James Dexter, one of Colorado’s earliest multi-millionaires, bought the cabin in 1879 as his Leadville residence.  He entertained informally at the cabin and hosted an exclusive high-stakes poker club.  The tiny cabin is filled with lavish furnishings and expensive collections.  Dexter also owned Inter-Laken, the resort at Twin Lakes.

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