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Inter-Laken Resort

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Inter-Laken Resort was established in 1879 by James V. Dexter to be one of the grandest resorts of the time, and it was.   The wealthy guest from all over the US and even Europe would arrive by train at the nearby town of Granite and then ride by stage or carriage to the resort.  Musicians played while guest danced and enjoyed gourmet meals.  Mt. Elbert towered in the background as they fished or relaxed in boats on Twin Lakes.

As the popularity of the resort declined so did the structures.  In the hotel and Dexter’s personal cabin, were moved uphill in 1983. In the 1970’s The Bureau of Reclamation built a new dam at Twin Lakes.  In 1983 the hotel and Dexter’s cabin were moved uphill away from the rising lake.

Additional restoration and maintenance on the remaining buildings have taken place over the years.  The resort can be reached by a trail around the lake or by crossing the lake by boat.

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