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Swiss Boy Mine

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One of the first mines in the area, the Swiss Boy produced mostly copper ore and silver. Although not much is known about it, there are records that until 1893, a number of prospectors worked it under lease. Jacob Sands held a three-year lease in the mid-1890's and excavated $87,000.00 worth of ore.


To get there, park on the side of CR 390 about two tenths of a mile to the east of Winfield. Though the track to the mine isn't marked, you'll see the old wagon road if you head into the tree area to the north of the road. The way is steep, with a 400-foot gain in elevation over the half-mile course up to the mine area. Fortunately, the road is in good condition, except where aspen have overgrown it in one or two places. These shouldn't hinder your progress.


Once there, be careful exploring, as the decaying buildings can be dangerous. To get to the actual mine shaft entrance, you'll have to make a further very steep ascent from the rest of the ruins.


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Entrance to Swiss Boy Mine in Colorado

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