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Mary Murphy Mine Trail

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The Mary Murphy Mine is one of the more intriguing historical sites in this region, particularly since it has not had the benefit of restoration efforts. Several buildings are standing in various stages of deterioration.

To get to the Mary Murphy Mine from Buena Vista, go south on Highway 24 to just past Nathrop to CR 162 towards St. Elmo, take the left fork off County Road 162 to Hancock. About 3 miles in, a sign is posted showing Mary Murphy Mine - 1 mile. Turn left up this road and drive (4-wheel drive only!) or hike the one mile up to the mine site. The road is rocky and steep and 4 wheel drive is strongly recommended, although non-4 wheel drive, high clearance vehicles have made the trip successfully to the first site. Access to Pomeroy Lakes cannot be negotiated without 4 wheel drive.

Private Property & Responsible Recreation: The Mary Murphy Mine & much of the surrounding area is on Private Property. Venturing off of public roads and lands onto private land is trespassing. The surrounding mountains have miles of underground tunnels and shafts. The area is dangerous and a once safe and stable area can suddenly collapse. The buildings also are in various state of decay and are also unsafe. Obey any posted signs, travel & recreate responsibly, and always tread lightly.

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