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Hot Springs - Swimming

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Soaking in one of the area's natural hot springs after a day of playing in the snow can't be beat. 


The Native Americans fiercely believed the hot springs nestled in the Rockies were sacred. Capable of healing, of cleansing the spirit and the mind as well as the body. White man caught on to the healing properties of these geothermal and mineral springs, and came often to soak away physical ailments of the time. Now you can experience the soothing waters of the high mountains as well. Need an entire weekend in a spa resort to melt away the tension of the season? We have that too.

Whether you’re looking for a pool to take a dip in, or a secluded mineral hot spring to go and soak your cares away in, you’ll find it in Central Colorado.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Antero Hot Springs

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