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Snowboarders who crave floating through deep fresh powder while making bottomless turns under a blue-bird Colorado sky will have cheek cramps from smiling all day, because Fourteener Country is a powder hound’s paradise.  Monarch Mountain and Ski Cooper both offer snow cat skiing which will take you to the best untouched deep pow slopes you have been dreaming of. Both resorts receive a ton of snow, so much that neither one bothers to make artificial snow. 100% pure rocky mountain powder!

Snowboarders of all abilities will find challenging and fun terrain in Fourteener Country. Ski Cooper and Monarch both have many excellent Green and Blue runs.  Both resorts feature a Caterpillar Lift  for beginners; also known as a Magic Carpet because you stand on it without removing your board, just one foot, and it whisks you up to the top of the run. Monarch’s Caterpillar Lift is even covered, which is an amazing feature on cold and snowy days.

Backcountry snowboarders should be experienced and cautions. Check the Colorado Avalanche Information Center for the latest backcountry conditions. Take the appropriate gear, know the terrain you are traveling, never go alone, let someone know your plan, and be smart & safe.

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