Colorado History:

The Rich History of Colorado's Fourteener Country

Colorado History


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Colorado History

Sagebrush rattles in the wind coming off the snow-capped mountain. The cold wind whips through the abandoned mine, whistling a melody of times gone by, a melody the old miner used to whistle when he was half a mile beneath the mountain’s crust, searching for fortune in the mud and the dark.

Yes, there were in fact gold in them thar hills. If you look carefully, there still is.

Legends lived here. Billy the Kid, Doc Holiday, the Unsinkable Molly Brown, Kit Carson. Fourteener Country was the Wild West and its song echoes in the hills today, if you stand still and listen to the wind.

Explore our Directory, and research the ghost towns that continue to stand in the face of modern day. Find out where the museums are, when historic festivals take place, or discover the secret history of some of the most famous places in Colorado. Come recapture the Wild West and take memories home that will inspire tales to children for decades to come.