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Sagebrush rattles in the wind coming off the snow-capped mountain. The cold wind whips through the abandoned mine, whistling a melody of times gone by, a melody the old miner used to whistle when he was half a mile beneath the mountain’s crust, searching for fortune in the mud and the dark. Yes, there was in fact gold in them thar hills. If you look carefully, there still is. Legends lived here. Billy the Kid, Doc Holiday, the Unsinkable Molly Brown & Kit Carson. Fourteener Country was the Wild West and its song echoes in the hills today, if you stand still and listen to the wind. Discover the secret history of some of the most famous places in Colorado. Come recapture the Wild West and take memories home that will inspire tales to children for decades to come.

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History of Riverside

Riverside is on the old site of the Mayol / Leonhardy Ranch located on the flat area about 9 or 10 miles north of Buena Vista. Frank Mayol, a Frenchman, was the first man to settle in this county...  Details

Palace Motel in downtown Salida

History of Salida

The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad proposed a rail diversion point called “South Arkansas.”  In 1881, shortly after the rails reached the new town, the post office recommended a name ...  Details

Twin Lakes Colorado

History of Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes is located on Highway 82 at the base of Independence Pass.  La Plata Peak and Mt Elbert tower over the valley which contains two of Colorado’s largest glacier-carved lakes. ...  Details

Historic Main street in Vicksburg, Colorado

History of Vicksburg

Vicksburg is a tiny community of privately owned historical cabins on forest service land.   Vicksburg is one of many communities that sprang up in the 1870s and 80s as prospectors found veins ...  Details

Historic district Winfield, Colorado

History of Winfield

The historic mining town of Winfield is in northern Chaffee County, 14 miles west of Highway 24 on County Road 390, just south of Granite.  The Clear Creek Road is suitable for passenger cars.&nb...  Details

Mt. Olivet Cemetery Buena Vista, CO.

Prison Burials in Chaffee County

Buena Vista Mt. Olivet Cemetery visitors often ask, "Who is buried under all of the plain white- painted wooden crosses at the far east end of the cemetery?" No names or dates describe any o...  Details

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Story of "Cock-Eyed Liz"

As it's name implies, the Palace Manor, still standing on the 400 block of east Main Street in Buena Vista, was once the "palace of joy." It flourished in 1886 when Elizabeth Spurgen pur...  Details

Open plains at base of Collegiate Peaks mountain range

Story of The Lake County War

Back when Chaffee County was known as Lake County, not to be confused with present-day Lake County, a feud broke out in 1874 with the murder of George Harrington. Going outside one night to put out a ...  Details

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Story of The Stagecoach Robbery Mystery

Lots of mining means lots of wealth. This leads to a lot of precious ore being transported via stagecoach. Of course, this leads to stagecoach robberies. In 1879, the stage line from Leadville to Buen...  Details


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