Colorado History:

The Rich History of Colorado's Fourteener Country

Colorado Ghosttowns


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Colorado Ghosttowns

There are a number of ghost town areas in the "Fourteener" region of Colorado. Some are accessible by passenger vehicle, while many are accessible only by four-wheel drive. When exploring ghost town areas, be sure to take only pictures and leave with only memories. Most areas are private property and rockhounding and souvenir hunting are strictly prohibited. If posted, please only view from afar. Travel & recreate responsibly, and always tread lightly.

St. Elmo - walk the streets of history

Hancock - mining community & railroad town

Romley - gone, but not forgotten

Mary Murphy Mine - most intriguing site

Vicksburg - restored with museum

Winfield - beautiful setting, easy access

Photo Tour - Take a pictoral trip through the above ghost towns